why are we here?

Musings on What On Earth Are We Here For


Every day goes by, bringing new notions, learnings and inclinations in this diverse, miscellaneous world. In this everlasting journey of life, actions keep on taking place relentlessly. Sometimes, we are mortified and feel like giving up hope. The entire atmosphere around us is immensely brimmed with melancholy. Other times we feel like we’re at the top of the world, treasure the littlest things that life provides us. We fall miserably, yet ultimately get back up again. No matter how dismally we are breaking from the inside, we eventually fight our way back to buoyancy. We are headed to an enigmatic future which we have never sought. On this planet holding billions of homo sapiens, each one of us have unique perspectives on why we are here, existing in this immense world.


Notwithstanding life’s irksome offerings, we know that there is a reason why we endeavour each day and keep going. This reason may be different for each individual.

To me, life is a massive time period where we discover ourselves, find out what our true potentials are and express our selves to the rest of the world. Throughout thisventuresome journey, we encounter all sorts of haphazardthings and uncover what this world is all about. Weparticularly light on things that are of interest to us. Everyone has a dream, and in many ways these dreams drive and shape us. They could be as innocent as being left alone in a candy land, or as ambitious as being the next Beyoncé.


This tremendously prolonged period of time, known as life, gives us the opportunity to work on our passions and step into our ideal world. Once we have found out what makes us zealous, pursuing and mastering on those specific things will build up a clearer, more intelligible idea of our future and we will feel like we are walking in the right path – a path that is unique and fulfils our own heart’s desires. While we are on our way to unbind our true identities, we should spread and accept happiness, as well as cherish all the little things life provides us before they abruptly end. There should be giggles with friends, jokes with family and simply surrounding of ourselves with the people and things we undoubtedly love.


As we go, each step in our path should be better than the one before. Learning from our mistakes made in the past will help us make our future brighter and will enable us to attain our goals quicker.

Being a benevolent person in general and relishing life as we go will help us meet the ‘ideal’ us – the us who is waiting to be revealed, along with a life filled with achievement and ardour.


-Diza Saxena

Musings on What On Earth Are We Here For

The Purpose Of Life…

There is obviously no right answer when answering this question. Different people will have different thoughts and views. Some people may think deeply why they are living for so long and yet having no real point of life. Some other people may just live life to the fullest and be happy with all the things life provides. There may well be billions of unique perspectives of the billions of homo sapiens on planet earth.

To me, life is a massive time period where we discover ourselves – we try to find out what our true potential is and what each one of us is capable of. We also try to find out what excites us.

We have countless options and lots of choices of what to do in our lives. To choose the right one, we use the two most important parts of us. Our brain – which helps in making the right decisions logically, and Our heart – which tells us what we truly want. When we use both these parts together, we will find our true potential. When we really like something and think we want to pursue that when we are older, we should try to be the best at that specific thing. This is to make things easier for ourselves in future.

However, we should always have a plan B. This is because maybe to us then that thing feels great and we think that is certainly the thing we want to do for a living. But, when we grow up and we are on our paths to discovering our true selves, somewhere there we may realize that we needed an alternative or another potential. This is why we should try being the best at what we are doing, have alternatives and improve ourselves in every step.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed, too. We are also made to spread and accept happiness while we are on our way to finding our true identities. We should enjoy the little things life gives us before it actually ends. From our path from average, all the way to the very best, there should be giggles with friends, jokes with families and surrounding of ourselves with the people we love. Also, creating an amazing atmosphere wherever we go! By doing this, we will enjoy our path to success and never regret the chances we took.

So, I was thinking in order to have a great life filled with happiness, we have to be good natured and respectful to the nature and people around us. We are all on our way to our ideal world so why not be in this together and become an amazing person as we go!

❤️ Be happy all the time (never shout).
❤️ Be caring, loving and kind hearted (to the people around us).
❤️ Be very good at a certain thing (like art/singing) to plan for our future.
❤️ Be responsible (in general).
❤️ Get good marks in school.
❤️ Listen to parents.
❤️ Be confident.
❤️ Make/have amazing friends who we can count on.
❤️ Never give up.
❤️ Lastly, look great (duhh!! Try being fit, pretty & healthy !!).

If we follow these, we will definitely meet the ‘ideal’ us. The us who is waiting to be discovered and revealed, along with a life filled with accomplishment and passion!